Friday, September 26, 2008

My Favorite Fall Recipe

Well, I would have to say tomatos and sweet corn. They are the sweetest harvest out of my garden. I typically plant at least 5o or more tomato plants. This year they are all heirloom plants and they are perfect! Not a blemish on them. My corn did terrible, but the cows will love it. I will share my favorite dish that I prepare with the tomatos.
Wash and chop tomatos into chunks.
Add thinly sliced sweet onions.
Crumble generous amounts of feta cheese and add to dish.
Add blue cheese dressing and mix everything up.
Salt and pepper to taste. I use kosher salt and fresh coarse ground pepper.
You can add green peppers if you like. Or you can make the same dish with cucumbers instead of tomatos. I serve this with some croutons sprinkled on top. It is absolutely wonderful.
This is my version of a German salad my mom always made:)

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