Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome 2009!

After the wonders of Christmas and the joy of bringing in a New Year I am glad to be back to normal! The kids are finally back in school, the snow is melted and my mailman has started bringing my mail again. It is raining like crazy outside but has warmed up considerably. I am enjoying my few moments of peace and quiet....New Years resolutions? Here goes...
I am always trying to get some weight off,
and commit to regular exercise.
Knit a lot of baby items for the Pregnancy Resource Center.
Read my Bible more consistently.
Be kinder to others, especially my family.
Not complain.....I have everything!
I am so looking ahead to spring. Rose will be having a calf in february which means fresh milk again. The chickens and the turkeys are laying at least a dozen eggs every day. We will be butchering a steer on saturday so the freezer will be full again. Life just keeps on moving along and we just grow older. But I am always mindful that this world is not my home. I am just passing through...


Brianna said...

Good goals. Me least on come of them!!!

sandi said...

hey linda

i like the part about just passing through.