Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful snowfall. It is very uncommon for us to get snow like this in the wintertime. It tends to shut everything down but the kids love it!


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hurray for snow! I'm glad you are enjoying it ;) We have well over a foot with more coming down right is so pretty and quiet.

I have been enjoying seeing all the photos of your lovely children and their families. You are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I stumled across your profile. I enjoyed reading about you. I have just joined Ravelry and am just sorting it out and want very much to knit for the "celibration of life group" but have not figured it out yet. I am sure I will. I am also the Mom of a large family I am blessed with 9 children. 4 home grown and 5 pand picked all given to me to raise by our Lord and Savior. I also have 3 children with Down Syndrome. G17, B14, B10. Yes I am truely Blessed. BTW we have 2 feet of snow for Christmas and it is all gone now.

Anonymous said...

missed you at christmas. hope you had a wonderful christmas and happy new year.