Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Blogs Title.

If you are curious about the title of my blog it means what it says. My youngest child Gideon has Down Syndrome. He will be 6 on September 11th. Giddy has lots of energy and never stays in one place very long. Since he learned to walk we spend a good part of each day chasing him. Literally. I keep saying that when he is old enough to join the Special Olympics I will sign him up for track. It seems that we are forever looking for him and thankfully we live on the end of a half mile road and are surrounded by open fields. We have all learned to move quickly when he disappears. Its amazing how fast he is, thus my title.....chasing Gideon.

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Kim said...

i have to chuckle a bit, for we say the same about our son (he's 5 in oct). he is constantly on the move, and we can't wait to put him in special olympics. we think he will love it, especially since he is a ham infront of people too!

:) kim