Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Not So Secret Passion.

After enjoying the art of knitting over these past few years I must admit that I have discovered a passion for my spinning wheel. Or should I say....the results of my time spent on my wheel. I have a beautiful Schacht Matchless and it gives me many hours of pleasure. I am finding myself able to create something beautiful that actually lasts longer than a day. As a woman who keeps the home and children going, I find that nothing I do lasts very long at all. Dishes are forever being made dirty and the laundry never ends. So in creating this beautiful handspun yarn and then eventually knitting with it I have made something that I can look at and enjoy every single day. Now not only do I have bins of yarn, I am also a collector of beautful fiber. So here are the works of my hands out in the open where I can enjoy them!


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Wow, Linda, what a beautiful collection of yarns ;) Hope you are having a lovely spring!

Meg said...

Wow! Great yarns.